Bose Quietcomfort 15 headphones: Noise canceling like wow.

If I were to sit down and go through some boxes to figure out how many pairs of headphones I have in the house, I’d probably come up with five or ten pair. Maybe closer to 15. I don’t know. I just know that I’ve tried everything from Sony to Shure to Apple to Bang & Olufsen. But as of this moment, I’ve found the holy grail of headphones.
The Bose Quietcomfort 15.

Oh. my. god. There’s no way on earth to make the entire earth disappear in one flip of a switch. HVAC? Gone. Road noise? Gone. Dryer? Gone. Dishwasher? Gone. Annoying neighbor talking to you? Well, they’re not gone, but at least you hear them less.

If I were to recommend a pair of headphones… THESE would be the ones.
I have a pair of Sony noise canceling? Bose shit on these headphones.
I have a pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones? They are fancy, but sound like crap.
I even have a pair of Bose “passive noise canceling” headphones. What a joke. It just cups your ear.

These Bose headphones are so serious that when you flip the switch it feels like someone has dunked you into a deprivation chamber. Your ears feel pressure. Your mind thinks you’re at high altitude. But you’re not. You’re in your own world, free to enjoy your time in isolation enjoying music, a good book and/or a life without the neighbor. at least a little bit.