My Audi Q5 review

I woke up this morning to find the earth cold and precipitation had blessed us with some snow. Sorta.

Now all of last year I was driving a Dodge Charger SRT. She’s a big girl. 450HP, 6.1 Liter HEMI. All balls, no cock.

She was something of a spectacle in the snow. Rear wheel drive meant I could spin her in circles, drift for days and floss my “mad” Yankee skills in the snow.

I didn’t give much of a rats ass about how much snow was out there. I drive that car through anything.

A year later my Audi S8 is in the shop for a number of tweaks and upgrades. Tires. Rims. The lot.

So today I was in fortune of driving a loaner from Audi, the Q5.

Its not a massive SUV. It’s mini. It’s big enough for a small family and small enough to not be a gas monster. “cute”. Dare I say even “soccer mom-ish”.

But with the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive transmission, I was chomping at the bit to go a little snow crazy.

And so I did.

The verdict? I love the little bastard. The full glass sunroof from front to rear let’s the light in and makes the interior feel larger than it is. Though it’s really quite roomy. Enough for kids, strollers and groceries… Or dogs, tools and bags of concrete.

Either way works.

The 2.0 liter turbo is more than enough “go” for city and country driving. The suspension is bumpy but not “bounce you out of the truck” bumpy. The truck rolls with the punches, sticks and moves and doesn’t offer any apologies.

The interior is basic plastic and leather with faux wood trim, but integrated iPod/iPhone integration makes it feel more elegant because your own personal theme music is then an integrated part of the experience.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed my limited time with the Q5. It makes for a great round town vehicle and not a bad day-trip car either.

Good enough for the family, or the guys, regardless of rain, shine or some rare October snow, she’s versatile and flexible enough for all.