The new iPod Nano: Oh, you sexy little beast.

The hot shit from the year 2000 - 32 megs. bam!My first MP3 player, back in 2000, was a Casio G-shock. It was ahead of it’s time. 32 megs. It was slick. Almost held an entire cd on it. Back then people said “WTF is an MP3?”. It came in the form factor of a watch. It sat giant on my wrist, the headphone cord running up my shirt to my ears.

Fast forward 7 years.

Commuting from San Francisco to San Jose on my motorcycle, I had a faithful little nugget called the iPod Nano. It clipped to my belt, and gave me 1gb of music all the way to work. Fantastic battery life. Just set the playlist and off I went.

Fast forward to now. The new iPod Nano. Color screen. Radio. Pedometer. And 16 gigs of music. What a wicked little machine.

Though it’s impossible to change music wearing motorcycle gloves on the actual device. Perhaps with the headphones with the button I can. But blasting down the highway may prove to be a challenge. It’s loud if you want it to be but it’s clear. Crisp highs. Solid lows. It’s amazing audio in a very very small form factor.

In the 6th generation of the iPod nano, apple has really put something together that is fantastic.

There are a ton of accessories available for the nano including something that hits close to home. A bit of nostalgia. It’s a watch band that will make the nano into a watch… Much like that first mp3 player I had. The gshock, but better.

In 11 years we’ve gone from 32 megabytes of music in a watch to 16,384 megabytes.

Where will we go next?


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